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Science Says Drinking a Glass of Wine with Dinner Could Help Combat Diabetes
According to a study by Tulane University researchers, the grape compounds in the beverage can reduce blood sugar levels linked with the health condition.
Want to Start Hosting on a Grand Scale? Get Inspired by These Two Entertaining Icons
With their sensational style and gift for entertaining, these experts have advice every modern host or hostess can benefit from.
Record-Breaking Strawberry Weighs in at Ten Ounces, Which Is Five Times Larger Than the Average Berry
When Chahi Ariel learned he beat the previous world record holder he said he "jumped in the car, laughed, and sang."
This Quilt Tells the Story of How African Americans Helped Shape American Cuisine
It's a powerful testament to 400 years of history and it's part of a new exhibition from the Museum of Food and Drink.

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